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Content box

Creating a content box involves some html coding.

<div style="background:#eeeeee; padding:10px 20px 20px; border:1px solid #cccccc; -webkit-border-radius: 10px;-khtml-border-radius: 10px;-moz-border-radius: 10px;border-radius: 10px; margin:10px 0;">

<h1>This is a heading</h1>

This is where everything else goes</div>

You need to put this code into the "other html" in the widget box. Things you can change or add:
  • background colour (the #eeeeee)
  • border width (the 1px)
  • border colour (the #cccccc)
  • bullet points -> <li>this is a bullet point</li>
  • links -> <a href="put your url here">the name of the link</a>

Easy content boxes

This is an easy way to set up content boxes without having to type the code in all the time.

You have to set up some special pages in order to do this. Take a look at HTML_greenbox_open and HTML_div_close. These pages don't have a lot on them (one looks blank) but I'm going to use these pages to create a green content box.

I'm going to use a special code inside the double square brackets called "include". The syntax goes like this:

  • inside the first set of square brackets I'm going to write include page="HTML_greenbox_open"
  • then I'm going to write everything I want to be inside the box
  • then inside the second set of square brackets I'm going to write include page="HTML_div_close"

This is what you will then get!

To create the greenbox page I inserted some special code in the embed widget:

<script language="JavaScript">
document.write('<div style="width: 90%; margin: 10px auto 10px 30px; border: 2px solid #oe5818; padding: 10px; background-color: #aeefb7;">')

To create boxes of other colours all I need to change is the two hex codes (#0e5818 and #aeefb7) - the first is the border colour and the second is the background colour of the box.

For instance to create this box I substituted the colour hex codes #cc1100 & #ffc1c1 and created a new page "HTML_redbox_open".

The div close box stays the same so the only thing you change is the colour page.**

And this is written in a yellow box (#ffd700 & #eee8aa).

Page includes from another wiki

Another cool feature of includes is that you can use them elsewhere. For instance I have a class wiki and if I want to use a coloured box that I have already set up in this wiki I can use it.

  • Inside the square brackets I would write this:

include page="dragonsinger:html_greybox_open"

  • and then write the content and finish with another set of square brackets with:

include page="dragonsinger:html_div_close"

  • Feel free to try it out using one of my coloured boxes:





  • You will need to make sure you also use the close code too:


Other page includes

I also use page includes for:

a page footer

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  • to remind my students daily how to set their books out

Each time you use your maths book you must head it up correctly.

  1. Put the short date in the top right hand side of the column.
  2. Underline the short date with a ruler
  3. Put the heading for the unit of work you will be doing
  4. Write on every second line
  5. Cross out errors neatly - do not use a rubber/eraser
  6. At the end of each unit of work you must rule off neatly (on the line)

  • in this case the include page has the box includes as part of the page

Examples of wiki use in education

Thanks to Suzie Vesper for this

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