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The How To Files

This is a collection of "how to ..." files I'm gathering -some from me, some from others.


Scroll down to find a VT to practice adding comments etc and then under that one from a class of Year 3 students who would welcome comments.

Slide show for RBS teachers

Voicethread about voicethread

Examples of voicethread in education

VT for you to practice in

Please check this VT out and leave some comments for the students

Picture tools

There are a variety of tools you can use to display pictures. I'll add more as I find them. Individual tutorials available on request! Click on the heading name to get to the website.


You can use voicethread as a way of displaying pictures - especially if you want people to comment on them.

Picture Trail

This site has some fancy transitions and frames - you could spend a lot of time playing!


This nifty site creates 30 sec movies - you can upload photos and movies and put them all together. You can even send the movie to youtube as well. Their upgrade option allows you to make longer movies.


This tool allows you to add music & captions. You upload each picture but the process is fairly simple.

Dos Games on PhotoPeach


This is done by first creating a powerpoint with your pictures and then uploading to slideshare - a very painless task.


Most of us are familiar with youtube. If you have already made a movie with your computer software (moviemaker) then you can upload it to youtube for further sharing.


Masher is a cool tool where you can combine all sorts of ingredients to come up with a finished product.