Writing progression

Week 9


Personal recount - this could be from the weekend or last holidays or even imaginative! You will be publishing your recount to your wiki writing page - and working with a buddy to edit it

  • Monday - the initial drafts were completed and about 10 had been published to the writing wiki

  • Tuesday - everyone completed their publishing to the wiki
    I note that a couple of chn went home and edited their writing from home

Reading - You will be asked to go to another blog site and read a post from it - then you will draft a response to the post you read and post it for the children who wrote the post to read

  • Tuesday - looked at a blog as a whole class and commented on it then as groups
    Need to get groups to note which blogs they've commented on for my reference
    Need to remind groups to sign their posts.

Language attack
We're concentrating on nouns, verbs & adjectives and we will be doing some whole class & individual work & some group work with the magnetic words

  • Tuesday - did some work with early finishers
    Probably should have waited for a whole class run through

  • Thursday - worked through an online story - read it to the class then modelled the nouns/pronouns then assigned 2 pages to each group

BBC Typing
Continuing on with typing practise - the long term goal is to be able to type without looking at the keyboard!!

Week 8

Recipe for an Island Holiday

Brainstorm in groups on the whiteboards what you might take with you on an island holiday and then publish to brainstorm page in wiki.


Draft a recipe using format given (in draft writing books) then go on to group activities
    • approx timing= 10mins SSR/20mins draft writing/30mins 1st activity/30mins 2nd activity

  • This worked well except for the timing - took longer to go through the writing task
  • 3 groups ended up publishing their lists to the wiki
  • voicethread worked well
  • whole class wordle was brilliant - each student contributed their top 5 things to take with them and we narrowed down our list of 135 words to the top 6 words using the wordle

Complete Wordle


Whittled down Wordle


Work in groups to draft a phrase for each of the six words

  • Gained class consensus on which phrase to use
  • Published to blog along with a copy of the final wordle and the voicethread

Recipe for an Island Holiday

  • a suitcase full of clothes
  • 5 large bags of food
  • hooray it’s payday, a wallet full of money
  • a tank full of water
  • a tube full of toothpaste
  • a sleeping bag

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